Alison Lester

Book Design


THE COLOUR JADE Design has worked closely with Alison Lester while freelancing to help create the digital mock up's for 'Running with the Horse's' and designing the internal pages of 'Sophie Scott Goes South.'

'Running with the Horses' involved integrating and manipulating Alison's hand illustrations and photographs to create the images seen within the book.

Running with The Horses awards include...

2011, Shortlisted, The Prime Minister's Literary Award

2011, Shortlisted, Children's Book Council of Australia

2011, Highly Commended- Australian Publishers Association, Book Design Awards

The development of 'Sophie Scott Goes South', involved preparing and arranging for print, the various mediums displayed within the book.

These include hand illustrations, photographs, maps, paintings and text.

The end result is a beautiful book containing several artistic styles to tell the story of a young girl who takes the voyage to Antarctica with her Dad.

Sophie Scott Goes South awards include...

2013, Winner- Australian Publishers Association, Best Designed Children's Non Fiction Book

2013, White Raven, International Children's Library- for exceptional literary, design and artistic style.

2013, Shorlisted, Children's Book Council of Australia